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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge the car?

Almost all charging of EVs is done at home in the garage. At home, you can plug the acr into a regular power outlet. It is common to leave you car charging overnight, so you have a fully charged car in the morning. In general, charging your car at home is sufficient to cover most of the car’s charging needs.

How much does an EV cost in electricity?

The power costs associated with driving an EV are very low compared to the costs of running a petrol or diesel powered car, however the exact costs depend on the price of electricity and petrol where you are, as well as additional incentives that may exist (tax exemptions, parking benefits, etc).

Do I have to worry about running out of power?

Range anxiety is a term many have heard, and many are worried about running out of power when they first consider getting an EV. As you get to know your car, this worry disappears and you learn how much power you need for your journeys. As charging infrastructure continues to develop at an astonishing rate, range anxiety will likely become a thing of the past.

Where can I charge my car?

You can charge your car at any parking spot that has a charging station. Public charging requires specific charge cards.

At home in a private garage / drive way, or at a designated parking spot or shared parking facility (common for apartments). Learn more about charging on a private parking spot here. Learn more about charging on shared parking spots here.

At work at your office building’s parking facility, either reserved or (semi)public. Learn more about charging in public here.

In public along streets, on the highway, and at any public parking facility you can think of – e.g. shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, hospitals etc. Learn more about charging at office or commercial parking spots here.

What are other benefits of electric vehicles?

EVs contribute to climate change to a far lesser extent than petrol or diesel cars, and many governments have introduced (or are introducing) additional incentives to purchase electric vehicles. Here are just a few examples of the incentives in Norway:

  • EVs are exempt from the one-time purchase tax and VAT.
  • Free parking at most communacl parking spaces
  • Exemption from road tolls
  • Access to the bus lane
  • Reduced annual tax
  • Free charging in many public charging stations
  • 50% discount on company vehicle taxation
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